What good would the moon be
Unless the right one shared its beams ?
What good would dreams-come-true be
If love wasn’t in those dreams ?
And a primrose path-
What would be the fun
Of walking down a path
Like that without the right one ?
What good would the night be
Unless the right lips whisper low :
Kiss me, oh darling, kiss me,
While ev’ning stars still glow ?
No, it won’t be the primrose path for me,
No, it won’t be diamonds or gold,
But maybe there will be,
Someone who’ll love me,
Someone who’ll love just me,
To have and to hold !
By : Langston Hughes

Combination of episodes, each one offering imaginative figures creates a fantasy, dreamlike world throughout this production.
‘Flying without getting up from the chair’ said one of the critics. ‘It is a gorgeous work, a heartwarming sunbeam on a cold, rainy winter day…. It has everything here : movement that corresponds, inter alia, with cartoons, Japanese culture, Charlie Chaplin, Puppet Theater and circus arts.’ Merav Yudilevich, YNET


Choreography, Costumes, Set & Music Design: : Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak
Lighting Designer : Yoann Tivoli
Music : Ingrid Caven, Pascal Comelade, Claude Debussy, Francis Lemarque , John Dowland, Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli, Alain Romans, Kurt Weill, John Zorn