The first of Pilobolus’s collaborating partners projects, Rushes (2007) is the result of Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak’s collaboration with Pilobolus Artistic Director Robby Barnett and the company. In an isolated community of broken dreams, Jacques Tati meets Gogol in a breakthrough for Pilobolus’s constantly morphing aesthetic.
Dancing chairs and ice-skating. Jacques Tati meets Gogol and the Marx brothers. An isolated society of broken dreams.
Six eccentric and charming characters are adrift in a parallel cosmos constructed of the various constellations of their unrealized dreams.
From this surreal, tragic-comedy emerges a triumph of elegant minimalism. Rushes employ objects as quotidian as simple chairs to masterfully convey an enchanting wit which will leave you moved and delighted.


Choreography, Inbal Pinto, Avshalom Pollak, Robby Barnett
Costumes, Set & Music Design : Inbal Pinto, Avshalom Pollak
Lighting Designer : Yoann Tivoli
Music : Eddie Sauter, Miles Davis, John Blow, Dukes of Dixieland, Arvo Part,Pascal Comelade Django Reinhardt ,Art Tatum/Ben Webster, Charlie Chaplin
Original Cast : Andrew Herro, Jeffrey Huang, Renée Jaworski, Jun Kuribayashi, Jenny Mendez, Manelich Minniefee, Edwin Olvera, and Annike Sheaff.